Digital Home Automation and Control Systems


More and more home builders are offering ‘Smart Home’ technologies. There are a host of competing technologies but many of them will interlink and work together. That is the issue; finding the right mix and match. Many home builders offer a set of integrated components, like those offered by the Amazon Alexa team. There are many others BUT the key is how they work together and that is were we come into the picture.


We will work with you to review the offered systems and make sure that they actually DO work together to provide a smooth home automation experience. Security systems that are integrated often require ‘bridging interfaces’ to support security camera access, recording and monitoring. We can help you select the optimum and most cost effect combinations.


IQ-Home will review the home automation and system controls to every part of the home.  Interior & exterior lighting, fan controls, security, occupancy and motion sensors, all should be tied into the central control system.  Whether you want to turn on a device, dim a light or sense a visitor, all can be done if the integrated design functions correctly.  We will analyze and test the home automation resources ,including electrical and control wiring system designs to insure they provide the most sophisticated residential control system available.


Data Communications and Digital Sound are distributed over Ethernet backbone networks. and wireless hubs.  Video and high-definition TV distribution is delivered by a structured wiring system.  Internet and external communications are available throughout the home wired and wireless.


As software and hardware operations become more sophisticated, it is imperative that you select integration components that will be maintainable into the future.  IQ-Home will assist with that selection based on our experience and expertise in the field of Home Automation.  Future support and maintenance is critical to a long-lived system that will work not only today, but into the future.