Our primary focus is on Integrated Home Automation, including lighting and electronic device control, digital sound and video distribution, and efficient energy utilization.   We are also home planners and interior design consultants.  IQ-Home designs your home and control systems to meet the requirements of the 21st century homeowner.  Our custom home designs reflect your chosen lifestyle and accommodate your environmental and everyday life needs.  We work with you to maximize the utility of the home, while providing a unique environment to enjoy life to the fullest. 


Utilizing the latest systems and software, our designs can be rendered in 3D - providing an advanced ability to view your new home exactly as it will be - BEFORE you even break ground.  Living area optimization reduces or eliminates wasted space.  Design simplicity makes the home easier to sustain.  Advanced technology and tools provide aids to cleaning and maintenance.

We design a home so you can allocate more time to enjoy life and relish your family and friends in a comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly space.  Your family living space will provide you with a relaxing, safe and reliable home to enjoy for many years to come.

Technology Can

"Make It So!"


IQ-Home offers a complete service for selecting Digital Home Automation and Sound Systems.  We integrate the digital control and sound system into your home infrastructure to make it work seamlessly with your lifestyle.


While the underlying technology is advanced, its application is engineered to enable common household functions to be controlled and managed electronically.  The majority of the electronic control components are ‘low voltage’; thus eliminating many of the ‘shock’ hazards of electrical systems. Even the light switches throughout the home are ‘low voltage’! 


The home works For you; dynamically adjusting to your everyday usage.  Full range occupancy/motion sensors control most of the lighting and environmental systems; often eliminating even the need for a common light switch!  Security systems utilize many of the same control components to reduce cost.


How we do it:

We use professional design and CAD drafting software for our residential designs. We produce illustrated 3D models for each project reducing uncertainty and frustration; thus minimizing change orders. We design and plan all aspects of a custom home including kitchen and bath designs, placing cabinets and customizing a design to fit the client’s exact needs. We can customize all rooms to include window treatments, painting colors, wallpaper, furniture ideas and placement, accessories, tile, carpeting, wood flooring, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing and millwork. 

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