Integrated Household Design

St. Cloud Florida ~ Mouse House




The Mouse House, represents a new line of homes designed by IQ-Home.  This unique Mouse-House, dedicted to Walt Disney, is the first in our Atlantis Series of designs represented by their polygon shaped 'circles'.  This home is made up of three self-contained living areas; connected by ‘breezeways’ and includes three full bedrooms and 4 baths.  The primary living module is 2000 sq. ft. of living space with master bedroom & bath, living room, large gourmet kitchen, formal dining, ‘Zen room’ and walk-in pantry and laundry.  The office/library/studio module is 900 sq. ft. of living space that is used for home office and artistic design work and houses the ‘pool bath’.  The third module is also 900 sq. ft. of living space and has two ‘mini-master’ bedroom suites (each with a spa tub) with private living room space and kitchenette.  Total living area is approximately 3900 sq. ft.


Digital Technology


The Mouse House is a fully automated residential home.  While the underlying technology is advanced, its application is engineered to enable common household functions to be controlled and managed electronically.  The majority of the electronic control components are ‘low voltage’; thus eliminating many of the ‘shock’ hazards of electrical systems. Even the light switches throughout the home are ‘low voltage’!


Structured Wiring


The technology in this home has been designed by IQ-Home to be compatible with today’s technology, but engineered to be prepared for future technology advances.   Over 3.5 miles of Cat5e and 2.5 miles of Coax (RG6) have been installed.  Two strands of digital fiber connect each module for a future Terabit switched Ethernet backbone.  In the meantime, dual Cat5e gigabit networks will have to do!  We have wired one supra-gigabit-Ethernet for data and Internet and one sub-gigabit-Ethernet for digital audio/video distribution!  Six RG11 backbone underground cables from a remote satellite TV station to the equipment room with 4 underground Cat5e cables for telephone, DSL, weather station and Internet Bridge provide inter-linkage to the ‘outside world’.


Automated Features


Digital Sound The digital sound and distribution system is installed throughout the home.  This system provides for localized and distributed selection of a variety of musical choices in each are of the home.  Deltec-Atlantis has five concurrent distinct ‘zones’ where different music selections can be played.  Each Vibe system can support an unlimited number of inputs by using digital audio encoders (including a native IPOD docking station!).  The system audio server can store up to 1250 audio CD’s. 


Control System The control system provides digital control over almost any electronic device.  Deltec-Atlantis has 96 individual lighting/device control zones, over 100 distinct inputs, including motion sensors, low voltage control switches and other sensor inputs, 80 output controls consisting of low voltage relays, wall outlets and other electrical devices.




In addition to utilizing renewable resources in the basic construction, Deltec-Atlantis utilizes the latest available materials and resources to reduce environmental impact and ‘carbon footprint’.


Insulation The entire shell of the Mouse House has been coated with soybean ‘spray foam’ insulation from AgriFoam Systems.  This provides an ‘airtight’, insulated enveloped interior environment that will reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment. 


Solar Hot Water Two large solar panels are mounted on the primary module south-facing roof and attached to a 120 gallon ‘hot water’ storage tank.  The recirculation pump is powered by a solar photo voltaic panel.  This will provide abundant hot water to the home, even on cloudy days with no electrical usage!


Bamboo Flooring Solid stranded bamboo flooring is used throughout most of the home (over 3000 sq. ft.).  This renewable grass resource is harder than most wood flooring except for the most exotic hardwoods.  This renewable resource is more durable than most flooring and is highly moisture resistant; and it looks divine!


Solar Photo-Voltaic & ‘Net Zero’ Future plans call for a full battery of solar photo voltaic panels mounted on the remote garage.  Due to the inability to pre-calculate the electrical requirements of the home; photo-voltaic panels will be mounted later in the year after the home is ‘powered up’ and consumption can be measured.  We plan to enable Deltec-Atlantis to be fully independent of the national power grid passing excess generated power back to the local utility under the ‘net metering’ laws.


Windows & Doors All the Anderson Windows and Doors components are impact resistance, Low-e, argon filled units.  This provides for the maximum safety and energy efficiency in window and door treatments.


Appliances All appliances used in the home will be ‘Energy Star’ rated for highest possible energy efficiency.


Building Engineering


The Mouse House structure is based on Deltec Homes systems that feature a highly integrated manufacturing process that delivers a superior product in a very short time frame.  Meeting IQ-Home’s highest quality standards, this design provides a quality product that meets our tough standards for strength, termite and mold resistance, and overall desirability.   And it’s ROUND!!  The shape renders a very low wind profile; making the home highly wind resistant; especially important in Florida’s hurricane prone area.


Structural - The Mouse House is built using over 46 8 X 10 ft. panelized sections each weighing 1400 pounds.  These panels are built with 2 X 6 lumber and inch plywood sheathing.  The exterior wall panels are layered with inch plywood sheathing and coated with an additional 1 inch of solid Styrofoam material, over which is Hardiboard fiber cement planking is installed.  The roof trusses are built with 2 X 6 boards and sheathed with inch plywood.  The interior sheetrock is 5/8th inch instead of the normal inch.  All the interior walls are constructed using 20 gauge steel studs and track.


Insulation The entire interior shell of the Mouse House has been coated with soybean ‘spray foam’ insulation from AgriFoam Systems.  This provides an ‘airtight’ enveloped interior environment.  The exterior wall panels are also coated with an additional 1 inch of solid Styrofoam material, over which is Hardiboard fiber cement planking.


Termite/Mold/Mildew All the wood components (lumber, sheathing and trim) have been treated with BluWood by WoodSmart Solutions, Inc.  BluWood treated lumber provides a unique, two-product technology that protects against the devastating consequences to wood of fungal and termite infestation.


Windows & Doors The windows and doors are provided by Anderson Windows and Doors.  The ‘StormWatch’ Perma-Shield vinyl clad windows are impact resistant, Low-E Glass, dual pained argon filled.  Most of the windows are ‘casement’ design providing for easy opening for nice ‘cross breeze’ days (usually fall and winter days).


Electrical Each Mouse House module is equipped with separate environmental and electrical systems.  This design allows for zoned living, HVAC and power consumption control.  All electrical wiring is heavy duty copper that exceeds NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) specifications.


HVAC Three HVAC zones represent each of the three living modules.  Each zone is equipped with variable speed air handlers with external fresh-air intake controlled by digitally controlled electronic baffles.  Each of the two smaller modules has a single stage compressors; the larger module has a dual compressor configuration for more energy efficient operations.


Lightning Protection Each module has an individual lightning rod at the top of the cupola.  Each lightening rod is linked to multiple ground rods around the perimeter of each module.  The entire electrical system is grounded to local ground rods as well as to a 4 in. metal well casing at the wellhead.


Fire Protection The Mouse House has a unique system of fire suppression water sprinkler heads.  Not only is each interior room protected by individually activated heat sensitive sprinklers; the rooftop cupola and soffit of each module is equipped with heat sensitive individual sprinklers.  This networked system protects the interior, rooftop and immediate perimeter from fire.  This is especially important in localized brush fire areas.